this blog–and a triple dog dare

i’m excited to show off this blog’s neat new design, courtesy of love grows design. bethany was a pleasure to work with, and even though i was pretty spacey through the design process (teaching, traveling, engaging) she patiently created a look that i super like! there’s a few blank places to fill in and kinks to work out still – we’ll get there :)

i started blogging about seven years ago, as a way to keep my family and friends updated on my college life on the east coast. and since then, this little space i’ve claimed on the internet has grown into something pretty fantastic, i think. i have been humbled, amazed and delighted to hear from readers all over the world and to have the opportunity to share the beauty that i see in mortality (especially the parts that don’t seem so beautiful at first). the connectivity of today’s world is truly marvelous.

the positive responses that i’ve received around this blog make we want to spread that positivity as far as possible. so today, with this pretty new look, i triple dog dare you to help me spread by sharing. link to your favourite post on facebook/twitter/your own blog, pin a post to pinterest, tell a friend. and if you’re interested in guest posting here about what you are dripping with passion about, email me at charityeyre at gmail dot com.

with this fresh new look, i’m hoping to make this corner of the internet more abundant, earnest, vivid, and useful. some things that are coming up: thoughts about feminism and diversity; guest posts from the boy; realizations learned from wedding planning; travel and adventure sharing and tips; a continuation of the heartbreak series - lessons about healing, forgiveness, openness, miracles, and true tough love.

gosh, life is beautiful. it’s pretty awesome to be able to share.

p.s. here’s my two new mottos going into a new week – i’m too blessed to be stressed!
appreciate love more


the reunion 2014

well, it's not our best family picture ... we had just finished our 11-mile relay race so we're all a little nice and sweaty, and several people aren't looking at the right camera, many of our tshirts are too big, and i look pregnant for the second year in a row... but those flowers sure are pretty, aren't they? and sheesh, i sure love these people. and the boy's family picture debut!!

this year's eyrealm reunion included all the good stuff in its own 2014 way:
-joyful reunions of siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles
-bonfire on the beach revealing each of our own chosen song for the year :: this year it turned into a pretty rocking dance party with glowsticks and sparklers that lasted until past all of our bedtimes...
-delicious sunsets every night and some choice "skiing on the gold"
-fear factor :: this year included some grilled rattlesnake (which came from a shooting, dissecting, de-rattling and skinning escapade) as well as larvae and spoonfuls of crisco (ick!)
-sailing and tubing and waterskiing and paddle boarding and swimming and wakeboarding
-family meetings directed by our visionary dad
-amazingly yummy, colorful, mostly healthy food for every meal :: and this year included some meals combined with our extended eyre family cousins, which was fun
-doubles tennis tournament :: the boy and i actually advanced past the first round this year! big deal. sure, one of our opponents was a 12-year-old, but still!
-talent show featuring darling and hilarious acts
-late night discussions :: this year we had a chocolate chip cooking baking contest to fuel us night owls
-games and play on "grandchildren's green" :: this year we had a big slip-n-slide and water games on the grass
-relay race from our cabin to the drive-in to get raspberry shakes :: my team won this year!
-family testimony meeting on the grass outside church on sunday - i think that's always the best part

the boy and i are the chairs for the 2015 reunion, and we already have some good ideas brewing! i feel so immensely blessed that my family has the ability to make these gatherings happen and that we all love each other so so so!

{here's last year's recap, and start here for posts about the 2012 reunion, and here's some pictures from the year before that, and here's some highlights from 2010}


if you feel like a room without a roof

our 45th annual bear lake eyre family reunion was one of the best yet. here's a video that my brother eli and his wife julie (this year's reunion chairs) put together before we all got together at the lake. the idea was to film clips mimicking pharrell's happy video in all the neat places we each live (hawaii, new york city, boston, utah, san diego, san francisco, phoenix). some of those locations did not make it in since we're eyres and we all procrastinated, but it's still a really stinking awesome video, i think. i was excited to have some clips of the golden gate bridge and stanford and the northern california coast, but since things got crazy just before the boy and i left for utah, i settled for clips around the salt lake temple, where we will be married on october ninth!

eli and julie debuted this video after our traditional bonfire on the beach the opening night of the reunion, which turned into a sweet dance party, complete with glow sticks and sparklers.

i just think i have the best family ever. and we are happy
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