last goodbyes before we headed across the pond


ian spent one of our last days in the mountain west this summer driving our trusty and beloved car from bear lake to provo to sell it to his cousins. it was legitimately hard to say goodbye to the beat up hyundai. in that car is where i first told ian i loved him! and we have had countless good conversations and quite a few tears and quite a few more kisses and sooo many awesome road trip adventures in that vehicle. the dent in the hood is from that time we ran into a deer on our way to bear lake, and the dent on the side is from when i ran into a parking garage pole because i was deep in conversation with a dear friend about ian and my love story. so many memories of good times and hard times, too. we’re glad the car is staying in the family!

speaking of sad goodbyes, here are a couple photos of the day we left ian’s office at stanford before driving out to utah. i can’t resist sharing that cute pouty face, which is somehow kind of a duck face?! ian put in a whole lot of hard work in that little room, and we have some treasured memories together there as well.

2015-06-17 17.31.43 2015-06-17 17.32.06

after our time at bear lake, we flew to columbus to spend a weekend with the boy’s brother and his family before heading across the pond. we had such a great time playing tennis together, going out for dinner and ice cream, building star wars legos, attending church together, sharing meals, and playing a lot of board games. sure love these guys!


and then it was off to london! we had a really terrible experience with a messed up flight reservation at the columbus airport, but we finally got to charlotte and then on the plane to london. the boy’s company flew us over in business class, which was pretty fun and exciting for us. we are definite first-timers with that experience, and we were kind of freaking out a little at all the amenities. tricky to decide if we should sleep (lay-flat seats!) or enjoy all the entertainment/food, haha!

2015-07-20 22.09.03 2015-07-20 22.29.34

we landed in london nine hours later than expected, and thus began our wild adventures working to get settled here (still ongoing nine weeks later!). we are so glad to be londoners and are excited about our future in the uk. 

p.s. if you are reading this and you are a mom, you’ve got to check this out.


celebrating the start of life and the end of tests!

IMG_2478 IMG_2483 IMG_2484

on august twentieth, the boy turned thirty one years old! his birthday fell right in the middle of the madness of studying for his regulatory exams (he had to pass three of them within his first month of work in order to be certified to work with clients, and that required a lot of brain work and time preparing!). due to this, we didn’t have much room to celebrate one of the best events to ever happen in the history of the world, the birth of ian j wright. the evening of august twentieth, i bought ian a slice of chocolate cake from the bakery around the corner from our flat, and stuffed it with thirty one colorful candles. when he got home from work, we lit the candles, i sang the song, he blew out the flame, and we traded off eating bites. and then, back to studying :)

indeed, the birth of the boy deserves more celebration than that! so a gift from me to him (one in my traditional stack of birthday coupons) was tickets to see the lion king musical, which is presented every night at a fabulous theater just down the road from our home. after the tests were over, we had such a fun night at the theater.

FullSizeRender (8)IMG_2520IMG_2523

we were so excited and the musical was spectacular. hopefully the first of many west end shows for us!

and yes, he passed all the exams. phew! it was pretty much almost non-stop studying, and it was grueling! but it paid off after all. to celebrate the end of tests, i requested that ian meet me at westminster tube station the evening of his last test for a surprise. i knew he had been wanting to ride the london eye ever since before we came to london for interviews in january, so i reserved us a spot in one of the pods! when we met at westminster station, the sky was bidding a spectacular good night after a day of rain with gorgeous sunsetty clouds over the houses of parliament. ian was delighted at my surprise and we got on the eye at the most perfect time to see the city gradually light up during our ride around the wheel. 

IMG_7296 IMG_7300IMG_7284IMG_7307IMG_7306
^^ take note of those swings rotating around that tall blue pole. they may make another appearance on this blog… ^^

we were lucky to only have a couple of other people in our pod with us, so our ride was quiet and just lovely. i think we both felt the exact same brand of happiness that night, looking over our city, feeling like we belong here, feeling at home. it was fun to reflect on all the adventures we’ll have together here and how this place will continue to weave a beautiful pattern into our family tapestry. we walked home across the golden jubilee bridge feeling really peacefully in love with each other and with london, our city, our home.

IMG_7341IMG_7346 IMG_7351

a happy birthday! a happy end of tests day! life in london is good.


eyrealm reunion 2015


this year, the boy and i were in charge of planning and executing the eyrealm reunion. four and a half days, forty six (mostly quite strong-willed) people, quite a task.

we started planning on our trip and in all those months leading up to july 8-12, it was a lot of work! but it was also a lot of fun. bless the boy’s golden heart – entered the family only nine months prior yet jumped right in to reunion planning. we really did have a great time working on this together, but we are also pretty glad that we don’t have to do it again for another nine years! {one of us nine siblings takes our turn, in birth order, planning the reunion each year}

we decided to make “around the world” the theme for this year’s reunion since between the forty six of us we had spent time in twenty nine countries in 2015! it was a big year for eyrealm travel! at the reunion, we sorely missed my brother jonah and his wife and kids who were living in europe this summer (and still are). the theme helped us to remember them in their absence!

we tried to tie “around the world” into a lot of different parts of the reunion, especially the food: each lunch and dinner was themed after a particular country, and we ate cuisine from and learned facts about that place during mealtime. it was especially great to hear about everyone’s experiences traveling this year in many different parts of this amazing earth.

we also switched it up this summer a bit by having the entire reunion function as a big, friendly competition. all family members were broken into six teams and each team could earn points from different events. it was a really fun way to mix up the dynamics, and a really useful tactic to get people to be on time - bonus points for promptness work in a family full of competitive spirits! :)

it was such a fantastic four and half days! and the boy and i got to stay at the lake after the reunion for a few days as well, which was dreamy. i lifted a few of my favourite pictures of our time at bear lake from my sister shawni’s blog to repost here:

^^ welcome barbeque/picnic. thank you claire (in the front) for displaying the excitement of the event for everyone :) ^^
^^ unveiling the theme! the boy is hunched over in this picture because he is about to rip his shirt off to reveal the reunion tshirts! ^^
^^ scavenger hunt instructions. we hid little globes with clues stuck to them in specific spots all over the lake! ^^
^^ post scavenger hunt impromptu activity – dodge ball with the clue globes! ^^
^^ a new activity we added to the reunion agenda this year was a little “maintenance project” to give an extra chance for everyone to contribute rather than just consume all of the amenities at bear lake. the teenagers sanded and oiled deck furniture and the adults and kids pulled a lot of weeds! ^^
^^ “fear factor” – an activity the kids insist we do every single year wherein they are challenged to eat not-particularly-appetizing foods. we had plenty of tears and quite a few barfs this time…but they still want to do it again next year! for some reason this activity is so dang funny and fun for everyone. ^^
^^ we had eyrealm olympics with five different events, one of which was a balloon stomp, which got quite lively! ^^
food1 food2
^^ the food at the reunion is arguably the best part. everyone is pretty serious about making their meal awesome. and we all love it. here’s a couple lunches – mexican street tacos and thai lettuce wraps! ^^
^^ every year the reunion falls really close to my brother eli’s birthday, and every year his wife julie presents something shaped like the number of years old eli is turning. i love this tradition! (lately there’s been a 29 made out of five pounds of gummy bears, a 30 made out of photos taped to the wall, and a 31 made out of nieces and nephews on the grass! this year it was a pinata!)
but the real reason i am including this picture among my very favourites from the lake is because of what’s in the background: sixteen-year-old elle holding new baby dean, me snuggling up to them both; fourteen-year-old isaac holding one-year-old mila, fourteen-year-old grace trying to get her to smile and coo; and a bunch of excited, smiling cousins on the side. family connections. i just feel the love when i look at this picture. ^^
^^ the annual doubles tennis tournament was pretty epic, both because ian and i made it through the first round (woot! that’s a big deal for us!) and because everyone watched the final with some invested interest, due to the reunion-wide competition. we had big bowls of popcorn and the kids climbed on the cabin roof for a stadium view. ^^
trivia3 trivia2trivia1 trivia4
^^ one night the adults played eyrealm trivia – the inlaws (those who married in) vs the outlaws (original family members) faced off to answer questions about each other, the eyrealm founders (mom&dad), and “around the world” or random facts. it was pretty intense and hysterical. the inlaws won it in a complete landslide! ^^
^^ eli blessed his brand new baby, dean haslam eyre, on sunday after church. i love baby blessings at the lake so much! ^^
^^ the score card. it was pretty cutthroat! :) ^^
^^ we snapped this photo of the siblings (missing jonah!) before everyone started leaving after the reunion officially ended. how lucky am i to have these brothers and sisters?! ^^
^^ the week after the reunion: flower gathering on the hike to bloomington lake, one of my all-time favourite spots on earth! ^^
^^ and rope swinging once we got there! there’s nothing like swooping out over and then plunging into that ice-cold water! ^^
not pictured:

-the traditional bonfire on the beach. i always feel like time stands still during that couple of hours when we are all wrapped up in the sunset, the encroaching night, good music (we each pick a song for the year and reveal them at the bonfire), the love that binds us together. as usual, there was a pretty stellar dance party around the fire at the end.

-some awesome boat time skiing and tubing. there are few things that bring me more pure exhilaration that pulling up on a ski behind our trusty mastercraft for the first time each summer. and watching the kids getting thown around on the tube is so entertaining. i just opted for a relatively slow tube ride with some of the < 5 years old grandkids this year :)

-late night games, meetings, and fantastic conversations. this year a bunch of us sat out on the deck under the stars for hours talking about marriage.

-a testimony meeting, a talent show, a time capsule opening. and a million points of connection and relationship growth and gratitude to god for family bonds.

i sincerely adore each and every one of these stellar individuals. ^^ so thankful for them. and especially thankful this year for all that ian adds to eyrealm. i’m so glad he’ll be around for dozens and dozens of reunions to come (but that we’re only planning one in every nine!) :)
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