earth day at the desert botanical gardens

shawni and i took my niece elle out of her last couple of classes at the end of the school day on tuesday to go to the desert botanical gardens in phoenix together. it was so so so hot, but also outrageously beautiful, and we had the best time. there was a special exhibit of chihuly glass sculptures places around all the cacti and desert wildflowers and palo verde trees. all three of us were snapping pictures like crazy. it is so fun for me to be around people that have the same nature/art/beauty-appreciation genes as me. we were going wild about how gorgeous everything was.

here's about one tenth of the pictures we took:

we remembered it was earth day about half way through our wanderings - and what a spectacular way to celebrate! did you notice how i am on my tippy-toes in every picture where i'm standing next to elle? i love that tall girl so much - i just think she's the coolest fifteen year old there is. we had to rush back to gilbert to get her to a tennis match. it was such a wonderful afternoon melting in the heat and because of the beauty all around with two of my favourite women in the world. 


another arizona easter

for the second year in a row, i spent easter with my sister shawni and her family and my brother josh in arizona. it was such a wonderful day.

^^i helped the easter bunny create a yarn maze through shawni and dave's new house and each kid followed their color to find their easter basket!^^
^^after church we had a little easter egg hunt^^ and made a yummy brunch and watched bible videos.

^^we went to easter dinner at dave's brother's house and i got to hang out with josh and the kids had another egg hunt with all their cousins and grace had shawni and i do some snazzy poses^^

love these people so so much and feel so glad that i was able to spend easter with them. 


feeling alive in san francisco

last saturday after spending some time in the temple, i drove across the bay bridge to the city. sheesh that really does it for me - seeing the cityscape flash between the silver cords of the bridge as i drive over the azure bay. i parked my car and waited to meet up with kelsey and steph at the ferry building. as i wandered in the sunshine, i just somehow felt like i'd come home to myself. it was like i had a peek out of all the stress and work of the past month and remembered who i am and that i really love being alive - alive in my life.

we got milkshakes and sweet potato fries and walked them down to pier 7 and caught up. it was wonderful. isn't life wonderful?

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