maui turkey trot

i forgot to mention one of the very best parts of thanksgiving on maui!! - our turkey trot along spectacularly gorgeous thompson road.

i couldn't believe the majestic beauty - the views across the island and out to the sea, the vivid vivid green of the hills broken up by the dark stone walls, the hanging whimsy of fog spreading itself over the blue sky...such a pretty little jog to get our bellies ready for lots o turkey!

elsie found some hay to feed the horses along the way, and ana ran with the boy and i almost our entire thirty minutes. jonah and po just took a little stroll. what a beautiful thankgiving morning.


christmastime is here!!!

photo (3)

last friday night was our third annual sleep under the christmas tree slumber party. the perfect way to really kick off christmastime! i love these girls truly. {previous years here and here}

then, on saturday morning, the boy and i drove down the coast to rancho siempre verde, the most wonderful magical christmas tree farm right along highway 1. we stopped on the way to get some heavenly garlic artichoke bread and goat cheese in the darlingest town of pescadero. it was a rainy, muddy, foggy morning, but we found the most perfect tree to chop down, and enjoyed the ranch’s plentiful swings, and i had an awesome time making a wreath for our front door. we were in a bit of a rush to make it back to palo alto for an exciting event – the baptism of our friend james – but the drive both there and back was gorgeous and i was bubbling over with christmas joy.
{i can't believe this is my fifth year cutting down a christmas tree in the bay area! 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013}

IMG_3067IMG_3071 IMG_3072photo 3 (3) photo 1 (3) 
it’s been so fun to fill our little studio up with some christmas cheer. the tree takes up about a quarter of our bedroom!  it’s so magical - we both love it so much. every night after our prayer and before we go to sleep, we read a few pages of a christmas carol snuggled up in bed, and we leave the twinkle lights on all night long, so it’s like constantly sleeping under the christmas tree! we also strung the bistro lights from our wedding in the little outdoor space outside our front door.

IMG_3079 IMG_3090IMG_3081IMG_3098

the making-a-gingerbread-house-all-from-scratch adventure was strung over several days, and as i mentioned earlier, i was totally obsessed with learning and trying the whole process. we also made molasses spice cookies (mmmmm my favourite!) and brought them around to our neighbors last sunday. so lots of ginger-cinnamon-cloves goodness in our tiny kitchen!

photo 1 photo 2photo 5 photo 4photo 1 (2) photo (2)
^^ this was the boy’s face when i gave him the okay to start picking the candy off to eat :) our from-scratch gingerbread houses are going to get better and better each year - or at least i hope! our windows started melting and our walls started caving in and our icing was super messy. so we decided it was okay to start deconstructing a bit early!
photo 2 (1)photo 3 (2)
^^ on the morning of december 13, i woke up early and made an aebleskiver breakfast in bed for the boy, in honor of st. lucia day. i wore a white dress, but there wasn’t enough time to make the pine bough crown – next year!
^^ ^^ yesterday we decorated some sugar cookies with our friend zach.
and last night, after i played the flute, accompanying a handbell choir in a delightful christmas concert, we walked around the oakland temple grounds all glittering with christmas light:

hooray for christmastime!!!


maui thanksgiving


jonah cooked the turkey overnight in the imu pit, i put a loooot of butter in the mashed potatoes, and we made green beans just like the boy always had them growing up. ana oversaw the pilgrim and indian costumes and folded napkins to look like turkeys, and aja made the beeeest jello for our appetizer. soooo, it was a pretty fantastic thanksgiving feast with family (and some friends), enjoyed on the lanai at the back of jonah and aja’s awesome upcountry maui house.

IMG_2933 IMG_2942IMG_2947IMG_2937IMG_2963 IMG_2965IMG_2967

on friday, we explored the banyan forrests, and braved the rain along the windy coastal roads to take an adventure down to some rocky pools over the ocean. the high tide, blustery sky and huge waves made for some awesome scenes. we ended the day at sunset at black rock, snorkeling and cliff jumping and hot tubbing before it got dark.

IMG_2972IMG_2983 IMG_2974IMG_2977IMG_1175
^^ typical “eyre” – a bunch of kids bypassing the danger sign! but i promise we were careful :) ^^
IMG_2985IMG_2987IMG_2997 IMG_2988IMG_3002IMG_3014IMG_3013
^^ they had the arms-outstretched pose down well…until a huge wave came along! ^^

the boy and i took aniston to lahaina town for dinner at cheeseburger in paradise and some shave ice for dessert. then we went home to decorate the christmastree ana chopped down in the backyard!

IMG_1176 IMG_3063

on saturday we headed to big beach past kihei, and i snapped a picture of the rainbow from the car after its incredible brightness and thickness had faded. we played in the sand, paddle-boarded over the gentle waves, snorkeled and body surfed. the boy and i found some turtles hanging out at makenna landing. that night we watched elf together, because christmastime!

IMG_3039IMG_3045IMG_3048 IMG_3052IMG_3062

after church and before we left on sunday, we went to olinda forest for a pretty walk. i always love going to that spot because it definitely doesn’t feel like you’re on a tropical island in the middle of the pacific, which is just kind of neat!

IMG_1178 IMG_1185 

we love jonah, aja, ana, cam, elsie, poem, ezra, and spots on maui both familiar and new! we have sooooo much to be thankful for, and loved celebrating that in hawaii!

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