aaaaaaand we're off!

we are at san francsico international airport, waiting to board the first of the twenty seven flights we will be on in the next eighty days. it was a crazy, wild, crazy whirlwind getting everything packed (for the trip and moving out of our place) and saying our goodbyes (we left for the airport directly from a little farewell party in our dear friends' backyard) -- but here we are, hoping we have what we really need, looking up last minute confirmations and itinerary items, and bubbling over with excitement and anticipation (stewed with some real exhaustion of body and mind!). this dream is really happening!!

i will be trying to blog as often as possible from our trip - you can also follow along via instagram.

here's the final lineup:
march 24-april 1 :: new zealand (we decided to go to both the north and south islands!)
april 1-april 10 :: china (hong kong, then yangshuo, then xian, then beijing, then shanghai)
april 10-april 12 :: train from shanghai to lhasa (yes, 48 hours on a train!)
april 13-april 18 :: tour through tibet
april 19-april 30 :: trekking on the annapurnal trail in the nepalese himalayas
may 1-may 4 :: recovering and exploring in pokhara and kathmandu
may 5-may 7 :: hot air ballooning and cave dwelling in cappadocia, turkey
may 8-may 10 :: istanbul
may 11-may 16 :: johannesburg and safari in kruger national park and private game reserve
may 17-may 20 :: capetown and the cape of good hope (and...ian convinced me to do shark diving!)
may 21-may 25 :: dubai, arabian desert and abu dhabi
may 26-may 29 :: buenos aires (and a quick ferry trip over to uruguay!)
may 30-june 3 :: quito, banos and the ecuadorian amazon
june 4-june 8 :: galapagos islands
june 9 :: arrive back in the usa!

here's to a biiiiig adventure!


wedding photo books from shutterfly!

i’ve spent countless hours the past few weeks on shutterfly’s website digitally creating a book of photographs from our wedding as a gift for the boy’s parents, and another as a gift for my parents. it has been a ton of fun to reminisce on our incredible wedding day and the magic of all the connected celebrations. i designed the book pretty much from scratch, so it took a lot of time and thought, but shutterfly made the process easy and i loved how customizable everything was.

when we got back from our roadtrip, we were soooo excited to see this box on our doorstep!:


we opened it up (it’s now on its way to the boy’s parents in texas) and were totally blown away at how awesome it turned out. the quality of materials and construction is seriously amazing and it just looked so good!we were freaking out as we stopped all unpacking and any other activity to flip through it on our couch. we can’t wait for both of our sets of parents to get their book!!


i wanted to share a few glimpses of the inside of the wright side’s book.
I can’t recommend shutterfly highly enough!



big sur has my heart


i love big sur (the stretch of coast basically from hearst castle to carmel). i love it so much.

after packing up camp, we stopped at mcway waterfall. it’s just unbelievable. but it’s real! i like the view from the other side of the bluff as well:photo 5

the color of that water! and there’s just something so magical about a waterfall dumping right onto the beach and into the ocean. our pictures were shadowy as the morning sun hadn’t made its way over the coastal mountains, but our views were truly breathtaking.

photo 3 (1)

our next stop making our way up the pacific coast highway was cafe kevah, which is connected to the restaurant nepenthe, perched on a cliff overlooking this:IMG_4889

we shared a delicious breakfast burrito and enjoyed the sunshine and the views! (which are so hard to capture!)


then, we headed out on a 8.8 mile loop hike along the ridge of the hills up high and the bluffs closer to the water. it was so so scenic and sunny and super. there were so many wildflowers, which i wish i would have taken more pictures of!


we took one last vista stop at this spot where we could see the cliffs and waves and bixby bridge:IMG_4939IMG_4942

and then as we were approaching carmel, i felt that i just had to introduce the boy to the cottage of sweets, one of my favourite little shoppes in all the world. we got some gummies and bonbons to go for the rest of the drive home.

it was a pretty fantastic farewell-to-california road trip tour! forests, desert and the coast! now we are frantically packing up and making last preparations for our trip. in every prayer we are earnestly thanking heaven for all the experiences, miracles, memories and growth we’ve had here in the bay area, both together and separate. and for the incredible opportunity and privilege to travel so much in the next few months! it’s really going to be an epic adventure.

love you, california. love you and am going to miss you like crazy.

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